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here's what happened....

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Fuel screw popped-out! Yes, my extended fuel screw was off when I looked at the bike before going out this evening. I actually heard a pop and clink when riding, but didn't know what to make of it. Tried to find the screw on the road, but that was doomed to failure....

Because it was sitting on top of whatever part of the engine is underneath the carb. Kinda lost it for a while when I tried to pick it out and ended up pushing it down into all that engine/clutch stuff further. Finally noticed a little black o-ring and spring on the garage floor. Picked up the back of the bike and dropped it, and out fell my fuel screw.

I thought I had it turned back in to 2.5 turns. Maybe I turned it out further? Is there something that causes pressure to build up in the carb that would pop out a fuel screw? And when I screw it back in, is it o-ring over screw, then spring, then insert screw?? Or is it spring first, then o-ring?

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