Looking for yz/wr cylinder head.

I am looking for a cylinder head for a YZ or WR 400/426. I broke a valve bucket, and the head was terminally damaged.

YZ400 court

Phoenix, AZ

I am curious... Have you priced a brand new one yet?

And how much?

That's an unusual failure. Do you know what caused the bucket to fail?

The bucket failed when an intake valve snapped. There did not appear to be any contact with the piston before the break, as the valve shaft was not bent. The intake valve dropped right under the exhaust valves. This caused the cam to explode both ex valve buckets, destroying a lot of other stuff in the process.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

i don't think you know what the **** you're on about.

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actually you're right. i can't remember what you said but, you know, you're right.





Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

New is just under $500.00. I also need shim buckets, springs, retainers, valves, cams, cam chain, piston, crank, rod & cylinder. All together $1500.00


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

still looking


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Hey yz400court were you able to find a used cylinder head assy? My bike just did the same thing. I havent checked the rod yet, but the head, all valves, cams, piston, and cylinder and gone. I need to find a cheap way to fix it (used parts) so if you have any info that would help I would be thankful.

Mike @ engine dynamics can fix this stuff.

I have seen this guy do miracles!


He has fixed cam cap seizures and could weld up the bucket bore and rebore it.

All is not lost.

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I have a stock 2000 WR cylinder that is ever so slightly scored from when I lost the oil drain plug and the piston seized on me. I had the shop look at it and they used acid to take off 99% of the smeared metal from the damaged piston. They said I could most likely use the cylinder with no risk of more damage or seizure (which I would have done except I got a great deal on a big bore kit). I'll sell it for $150. Even if you want to have it re-sleeved, it's cheaper than buying one from Yamaha!

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