whats the best exhaust for low end?

Sorry to do another exhaust thread but I couldn't find anything in a search. Hey at least its not another oil thread! Anyway to the point, I just picked up a clean 99 400 that I'll be doing trailriding on. Considering a pipe but absolutely don't want to lose any bottom end. Is there a good low end pipe or should I just keep it stock?

A FmF Q will give you a spark arrestor and not mess the power up.

I've got a '99 with a Q and I'm pretty happy with it. It did take a little of the snap away in the mid, but it revs real nice. It works great for trail riding.

Any of the FMF systems used with the Power Bomb header will widen the power curve quite a bit. You'll end up with a little more top, but a substantial increase in low end, and a very strong, smooth mid range.

I put a Dr.D pipe on my 450 and gained everywhere. A little on the bottom, a lot in the middle, and a lot on the top. Dubach knows his stuff considering he helped develop the modern Yamaha four stroke. He also knows how to make the powerband more aggressive and useful. Matt

I've got a FMF powerbomb and Q and It's starting to grow on me. I went from an open type competition system, so the change was a little drastic at first but for my type of riding it works great. Awesome low end that blends into the mid & upper revs.

I'm sure the 450 cam has something to do with it also though.

I've got a 02 426 with FMFpowerbomb+Q pipe.And did'nt like it to start with, thought it lost power on a standard pipe.After messing around with jetting and mixture screw its better.But still dont think as responsive.Nice and quiet though.Did the power now and 450 cam as well,much better.

Check out the Thunder Alley Pipes. They are a great low/mid pipe and come highly recomended by just about anyone who's ever used one. Do a search on Thunder Alley and you'll be hard pressed to find a negative comment on their performance. One thing, TA's are a bit on the loud side, so if that's a big concern to you, since you are trail riding, you might want to look elsewhere. On the plus side though, they are reasonably priced and you couldn't ask for a better company to work with. Not a big name pipe, but definately big performing.


I have the White Brothers E-Series and it an awsome pipe, totally adjustable for whatever you want and you can almost always get one on Ebay new for a great price.

I put on an FMF Q2 on my 99 YZ400, It doesn't have the "bark" of my old Pro Circuit t4, but its got a great tractible low end and a super smooth power curve, perfect for my tight Front Range Colorado trails. Plus its super quiet. It was idling next to a WR with stock pipe and was no louder at idle, purrs like a kitten. I'm really happy with it. I'm planning on buying the Powerbomb header for it. Their website says it adds more bottom end.

Just my .02

If I were you I would take the stock exhaust off and cut it down about 2-3 inches. I have done that to all of my bikes (400,426, 450). It really does make a big difference down low!

Thunder Alley, no questions asked. I used to have a FMF PowerCore IV sparky, the original round core design, and I ditched it for a Thunder Alley after purchasing a gift certificate for the TA at GMB II. The TA is world's better than the FMF, it boosts power all through the curve and flat rips. I've never heard of anyone installing a TA on a blue thumper and being disappointed. Make sure to spring for the ceramic coating also.

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