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Rieter's Pit Updated Info

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Dear Ms so and so:

I am the member of Executive Reardon’s staff responsible for oversight of Planning and Development Services. He has asked me to respond to your e-mail regarding the Reiter Pit area and your concern for future use for off road vehicles.

Apparently a rumor has started that there are plans to close Reiter Pit, a popular off-road area. You and a number of other citizens wrote expressing your concerns that the area not be closed to off-road vehicles. There is no current plan to close the area.

At the request of the Executive’s Office, the Department of Planning and Development Services (PDS) has been working with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and various use organizations to develop an ordinance that protects the recreational use of the area. The Executive’s office hoped the ordinance would have been enacted by now. The County Council must enact the ordinance known as the Off Road Vehicle (ORV) ordinance. Executive Reardon supports such an ordinance.

The proposed ordinance would allow an ORV use area to be permitted by conditional use on lands located in the Forestry and Recreation zone and designated Forestry on the Future Land Use Map. The current draft would require areas such as Reiter Pit to have a zoning designation of Forestry and Recreation and a conditional use permit to allow for an off road vehicle use area. It is our understanding that DNR is able to manage the land under a conditional use permit.

A finalized proposal is projected to go to Council in January or February. We are forwarding your e-mail to PDS to keep track of citizen comments. You should also make your concerns known to the County Council.

Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts.


Thomas M. Fitzpatrick

Executive Director

Snohomish County Executive Office

3000 Rockefeller Ave., M/S 407

Everett WA 98201

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Yes! We are being heard. :banghead: Although the draft ordinance that was mentioned is not what DNR wants to operate under, (that's what I've been told), apparently the conditional use permit requires alot of time energy of the DNR for mapping, impact studies, etc.....

Anyway, whatever happens and as long as we can keep the place open for generations to come, it is a victory!

We need to keep the pressure on, we met personally with the county councilmen and they told us to bug Reardon so it looks like were hitting both ends at this point.

Who referred to it as Reiter "Pit"? I think the county needs to start knowing it as Reiter "Trails". It's only a name, and up till 2-3 years ago I had always known it as Reiter "Pit" but without a doubt the word "Trails" promotes a different and better image to the public.

Thanks for posting this response. :applause:

Don Larson

President - SJMC

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