Clutch slipping on 04 wr450

I was at the dunes this last weekend and I was climbing the face and my bike would very rarelly slip out of gear. I am running yamahlube R4 and i have some friends that say to never use synthetic oil in a wet clutch system. Is this true. I had a 2002 wr426 and never had problems when I ran yamahlube 4 just the genaric cheap shit. The guy behind the counter said to use the 4R. I think he is an idiot. please reply.[/b] :banghead:

I have never used synthetic in my 04', only real/regualr Castrol oil 10-40. But the trick is to find oil that is actually LOW GRADE, blended WITHOUT additives to reduce friction, like molybdenum or graphite. The additives make the clutch plates more slippery, and defeats the purpose of the clutch! If the back of the oil bottle says 'Energy Conserving' that means is has some kind of anti friction additives. I'd assume the Yamalube is OK for our bikes, becuase the owners manual recomends it. But double check. Or, maybe your clutch is just worn out anyway??

I have heard the same about using a full sythenic oil, bad for the clutch. I have used Castrol Atevo since my first oil change with good luck, over 5000 trouble free miles. Sounds like your going to have to rebuild your clutch.

Sythetics are fine for a wet clutch as long as its made for a wet clutch. In other words, dont use automotive engine oil for the bike. Mobil1 MX4T is perfect for bikes, but it was made for wet clutches.

I have to use synthetic oil due to the cold. I use Polaris 0W40 synthetic, (the only one I could find that didn't gell at -40. I've been using it for 4 years with no clutch slipping problems.

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