Any Mods for an 02 426

Title says it all, What mods should I be looking to do when my 02 426 comes in on Monday. Just found out it is shipping tomorrow which is awsome. thought I was going to be waiting another whole week.

Thanks in advance. Man I cannot wait to get back on the dirt, or actually, back in the air :banghead:


pipe, jets, air filter, hot start lever

After I bought mine, I had trouble starting my bike once it got hot. I would kick it a bunch, but nothing. Then I would get tired.... I put in a 03 decomp cam, and have no troubles, ever. Now it kicks over like my girlfriends 200. Wait till your bike arrives, and see what you think...if you can start it easily, there wouldn't be much need...Look at the stickie at the top of this forum, or do a search on'll find how many people have done it and love it.

Awesome bike I must say first off. A bit on the heavy side, but the raw power makes up for it later on after you get used to the bike. I bought a 02' yz426f off the floor in March of 02'. I miss the heck out of it to. I had to sell it to pay for my new 06' wr450f, long story, (wife said so), haha. I did a few mods to my 426. The PowerNow was a great buy, no more hard starts. FMF jet kit, Full FMF exhaust with header and Power Bomb. Ty Davis fuel screw, throttle control, polished head, exhaust side. 520 O-Ring chain Side Winder sprockets. K/N air filter and a UNI. A few other mods, mainly cosmet. But it was a blast of a bike. Had it up to 87 mph also in stock form, got pulled over on the side of the road, cop said keep it in the dirt, and let me go. Good luck with your bike, I had over 520 hours on my bike and only one valve adjustment done the hole time, ran great and always changed the oil every 4 or 5 hard rides using a K/N oil filter # 142. I used 20 w 50 oil also.

Mark :banghead:

Ty Davis fuel screw :banghead:

Oh yeah, this is a must if it doesn't have one yet. The stock screw is a pain to adjust on the go. Mine is a ZipTy, but any aftermarket one that will be quick adjusting will work fine...

Here's a good resource: Motoman's website

If its not done already consider the decomp mod and the Dr D hotstart mod. You may also think about getting a Hinson clutch basket for it cause if its not been done already its probably close to needing one.

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