pics of new CORBIN seat and ACERBIS Dual-Sport Tailite

The seat is kinda Fugly but I like the tail light.

Happy :banghead:

yup .. the seat foam is some sort of memory-foam, hard as a rock right now, they say it takes 1000-1500 miles to 'conform' to your shape ... had to send it back for bracket change, was still a real pain to install ... but, I will give them a chance, and hold my comments until its broken-in ... :banghead:

I hope you have better luck with your tail light than I've had with mine. Mine keeps going out due to bad contacts in the socket. I've tried everything but nothing lasts very long.

Looks good though.

that seat looks like its going to be mighty comfy once it has molded to your rear end :banghead:

Roadcam - Good luck with the seat break-in.

I'd like to know where you got the Big Red Pig stickers, very cool! :banghead: was the source for the stickers, but I wouldn't recommend it ... besides being about $15 apiece, I actually put a scratch across one with my fingernail while putting it on ... made a good photo-op, but doubt if they will hold up for long ... no probs so far with the tailight, fingers crossed ... :banghead:

Who did you order the taillight through?

I like the looks of that seat for long distance rides!

I like the looks of that seat for long distance rides!

My father has one for sale that has never been used to my knowledge if anyone is interested. I think he is asking around $100, they're over $200 new.


tailight was from Rocky Mountain MC, about $35

You said that the seat is a pain to install. Just how hard is it? My stock one is tough enough to get on because of my Pro Moto Billet rack, so I really done want to much more of a struggle. I do need a different seat though. Let us know what you think of it after you get some miles in.


Where exactly ya at in Cal?

The wife & I usually dualsport at least 120 mi. a weekend up in the Stanuslaus. 95% dirt....

If your located up north, gimme a PM..


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