About to do a service on a 1999 YZ400 could do with some help

Hi everyone ive had the YZ 400 for little over a month now and ive used it 4 times since up the track.. love the bike but unfortunatly i havent got myself a user manual for it yet so i was wondering if anyone could help me out.. Ive got the oil change and the new plug worked out i can do that.. Im sure i can sort out the airfilter but im a bit lost as to where to change the oilfilter im a bit of a newb when it comes to 4 strokes so could anyone point me in the right direction to where to find it...and any tips to do while im going over it..?

Thanks very much for your help..

Cheers Andy

The oil filter is on the header pipe side. You will have to lossen the header enough to pull the top cover bolt (twist the pipe upward after you loosen the bolts, no need to fully remove the pipe). Lube your cables while you are at it. Pull the complete subframe and air box as one and clean it out (keeping it clean will lessen the chance of debri getting in when you are changing your filter). Pull your head set apart and clean and regrease the stem bearings (prone to getting water in there and rusting). Pull the linkage off and clean and regrease if you have the time or do not know how long it has been since it was last serviced) :banghead:

Here is a photo of where the oil filter resides. You might have to lossen the pipe to get to it. (i did) Its 3 bolt, one of which is an allen.


Hi guys thanks for replies thats great info just what i need.. :applause:

Mk porn thanks for the help im not sure how long its been since the last service but i was told that it was recently, And i know that the bikes last 2 owners were real 4 stroke enthusiasts, So its been looked after..

Rocked thanks for that picture thats a big help.. :banghead:

Cheers Andy

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