More Rekluse Questions

I am going to get a Rekluse in the next couple of days. Is it worth the extra hundred bucks for the perch adjuster? That could put a dent in that new exhaust I want :banghead: I understand it will allow me to use the stock lever as normal but alot of people I have talked to have said it really wasn't needed for a thumper since you don't have to get the revs up quickly to clear obstacles like you do on a 2 stroke. Just looking for a little info to back my decision up. :applause:

I have a RevLoc on my bike that comes standard with the override. I use my bike exclusively for trail riding and never touch the clutch lever. Maybe some of the guys that motocross have different thoughts.

The one thing I'm not clear on with the Rekluse is that it is called a "perch adjuster". Does this mean that you can use it to modify how and when the clutch engages or does it simply function as an override? I have never had a close up look at a Rekluse so I'm not sure how it works. The basic idea (centrifugal force) is the same as the RevLoc but I think it differs in the details.

Do a search over in the WR forum. This has been debated quite a few times over there.

I have a Rekluse and no perch. I can only think of two or three times I wished I had the perch, but I've managed just fine without it. Buy the clutch, test it out for a month or so, and then decide if you need the perch.

By the way, it takes about a month for your hand to stop reaching for the clutch lever that is no longer there.


I have ridden with and with out the clutch perch. It is not really needed. I did use it on MX starts and starting out on a hill.

I am pulling the z-start and clutch perch off of my YZ426 before I sell it. $60.00 if you are interested

I have the perch adjuster on my YZ450 and yeah you don't really need it. If all I did was trail ride than I wouldn't have bought it. I race motocross, hare scrambles and WORCS races. In moto it's nice to have for starts and in the whoops. In the woods it's nice to have so you can rev your bike up to let someone know you're behind them and to clear that unexpected obstacle. It also does make a difference in where the clutch engages as well. I would try it without it first and if you feel like you need your clutch lever later, then spend the extra money.

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