Tail light in/op.... question

My tail/brake lamp went out on Sundays ride apparently. I was gonna ride my bike to work in the morning so went to Autozone and grabbed some bulbs thinking it was just popped from age/ vibration etc.

Put new bulb, nothing..checked all the fuses, nothing was blown fuse wise all power across all contacts, no running lamp or break light and no power to wires at socket.

I was losing daylight so I garaged her for the night, will trace the wiring further tomarrow or sat. But i was wondering if theres anything else I may be missing here.

Somebody may have encounted a problem that I am now facing. I am sure its not a big deal, but want to fix it and ride ASAP.

Thanks for the help, (or retarded spam) in advance



i have not had the same problem but that wire that is under the fender that goes to the brake light may have been cut by a tossed rock.......

Sorry for the double post, I was editing it, and something whacked out..my appologies for F'ing up. :banghead:

you can delete the other one man.

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So you say you've got power coming from the terminal (wiring) harness? Have you got power to the bulb socket? Check the continuity of the brake, tail & ground wires to make sure they have the proper resistance. Too much and the wire(s) have failed. A loose or shorted ground can cause problems too.

My Maier low-profile tail light has fried two bulbs and I think it has to do with the excessive heat generated by this little light. The bulbs always look like they're made out of smoked glass once they've failed.

:lol: My low profile Acerbis tail light has done this several times. I have to remove the lens and move the brass prongs in tighter to make a good contact to bulb. I bought it from Baja designCode: 600700

Taillight, AC DOT Std Wired

In my opinion it is pretty cheap :banghead: for what I had to pay for it plus shipping. I'm assuming the pounding it takes from trail riding is causing it to loose contact with the bulb. It has been a pain in the :applause: because everytime I get off the trail back on the highway I have to check to make sure it is still working. Most of the time it only effects the brake light only,not the running light. I did the bulb replacement,wire check,even hooked the stock light wire back up before I narrowed down the contact problem. Save yourself some time and frustration and check the bulb contacts first. Hope this helps.

The ground lug on the stock taillight is a spade terminal.

Mine popped off, just look up underneath the rubber boot.


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