floppy decompression lever and no idle

400k's on my new bike and i have a problem. The decompression lever goes limp and i can kick the starter right through without it. It also won't idle.

here's a simple test regarding your decompression lever and whether it's the problem:

a) if you don't know where the decomp lever attaches to motor, follow the cable down. you'll see the housing eventually attached to a brace and bare cable will be connected to a small lever that moves back and forth when you actuate the lever.

:banghead: sit on bike, lean to the side, and watch that little lever while squeezing the decomp lever. make sure it is working. it is possible (but very difficult and rare) that your cable is seized in the housing causing the decompression to be 'on' all the time. make sure that little lever on top of the motor works back and forth with your squeezing.

c) if everything is tits so far, and you still have questions, take a 10mm and break that cable loose from the bracket on the engine. if it's like the XR400, you just loosen the 10mm nut until you can wiggle the housing end out of the bracket, then you can disconnect the cable entirely. now you're sure the manual decompression is 'off'. see if your bike has compression and will start.

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