Qatar Baja: tyres and Fuel: size + distance


1) I have an American model WR450 2004. I am thinking of fitting Michelin Desert tyres to my bike. The tire size I run at the moment is 130/90/18, I am looking to fit the rear 'desert' at 140/80/21. Does anyone know if there will be sufficient clearance from the chain... anyone else using a similar tyre size?

2) My tank size is 2.65 us gal, reserve is 0.32 US gal as per the manual. Does this mean the total capacity is 2.65 or is it 2.65 + 0.32 = 2.97gal??

3) I will be riding mainly hard and stony ground with about some soft desert. I need to cover 78miles between fuel stops. Can i do this on a standard tank. What ranges do you get from a tank? (appreciate this depends of riding style)

I get about 60 or so miles out of a tank, not much more, but less if I go really hard.

People here run desert tyres that have a large footprint, so clearance is sufficiant.

what tank size do you have, as in the UK they dropped the tank size for the 2005 model, I would guess in Oz they would not have reduced the size as you guys havethe open space ... very lucky!

looks like I better get a bigger tank..... more $$$$

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