Question about a seat

I know acouple of you guys run tall seats, I am gonna go with Guts racings, tall version, my question is about the foam density.

I want a softer seat for the long rides, but not too soft that my butt will bottom out.

I weigh about 250 lbs, and am looking for advice. Do those of you that run the soft foam find it comfortable? and if so, is your weight similar?

I run the tall soft foam from Guts and I love it. It is much better on my backside then the stocker but not to soft. The extra height makes for an earier transition from sitting to standing as well. I am pretty close to you at 225 so I would think you would be happy with it. :banghead:

I am 6'-0 and about 225 lbs and I ran Guts Tall medium on my XR650R. Density was about perfect. I have tried Guts Tall soft on a friends KTM and I felt like I was stuck in one place and could not move around. I think if you have doubts as to correct density for you then you should go to Guts shop and try out the different densities for yourself. They are just east of Sacramento if you are anywhere near. I live in Bay Area and have driven up to Guts shop many times. I also have never been totally happy with the foam profile of Guts Tall on both a 650R and on a KTM so I have become pretty adept with a large coarse wood rasp in carving the profile to better match my idea of perfection.

I have the Guts tall seat from Baja designs. The foam is perfect, not too soft not too hard. I have been on my bike all day without any real issues with the seat.

I am 6'2" 185lbs with gear and my Guts is a tall but I don't know about the density since I got it off eBay. I is very very firm so I would think it is at least a med if not a firm density.

It did take a bit for me to get used to but now I could never go back to stock.


and to think I was warned about ArmorAll making a seat too slippery :banghead:

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