too much oil

If you were to over fill your engine oil will it cause any problems or will the excess just come out of the breather hose?

Because it's a dry sump system, the oil level within the engine never changes until 1) there is so little oil left that the feed screen at the bottom of the tank runs dry, or 2) there is so much oil in the system that the return pump can't make it all fit in the tank.

It takes a little more than 2 quarts to cause the latter situation. In that case, the excess will be forced back to the engine via the pressure balance tube that runs between the tank and the cam cover. That floods the top end, and then runs down and raises the level in the crankcase, where it over-oils the cylinder walls and overwhelms the rings. It smokes and barfs a bunch of stuff out the breather, and then it gets over it.

all hail gray

Ya, its gonna smoke like crazy if you overfill it too much....

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