Really struggling for ideas!

2002 xr650r,uncorked,new 68s/175,b53e middle position, will only run on half choke, idles on no choke, engine dies over 1/4 throttle. Someone point me in the right direction!!!

Has anyone had a BRP which only runs on half choke?


You don't have anything stuck in your airbox or air passage to the carb right?

Carbs been completely cleaned up and no blockages in there?

What is your elevation?

Sea level and nothing in the carb, have stripped and cleaned at least 5 times in the last week!

Interesting problem. When it dies does it sound like it's leaning out to the point of stalling? Does the engine seem unusually hot? Maybe right after the engine dies pull the plus and see what it looks like.

* Just had an idea!!!!! Last year during a trip to Mojave my bike had been running great then stalled when I opened the throttle. It was hard to start and when it did run it only ran at idle. MY problem was, and it's certainly worth you checking, was the two screws that hold the linkage to the throttle slide in the venturi of the carb. That's why it only ran at idle and died when I tried to twist the throttle. Give it a try - it's worth checking.

What's your float height at?

Thanks for all the advise guys, finally realised what the problem was and feel a complete prat, For some reason I convinced myself that the choke lever was off in the top position and kept trying to jet based on that, spent the best part of $100 in new parts too! I'm 41, an engineer by trade and have had bikes since I was 10. The bike was bought as a stolen/recovered and just looked for a problem where there wasn't one. Mental block I guess!!!

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