to part out or sell? that is the question

I have a 2003 yz450 and i blew the motor, Im not sure if I want to put the 1200 into it to fix it and then sell it for 3000 or just part it out, I have alot of good parts on the bike and was wondering if I could make around 1500 parting it out? everything on the bike is mint besides the motor of course.

Tear it down and throw everything on ebay.

Definitely eBay. You'll probably fetch more than $1500 too, if you really tear it down and clean the parts.

Hey thanks im probably going to go in that direction, like i said i haved alot of aftermarket parts on the bike, and i dont want to put all that money in fixing the motor when it could just toast again when im done. the bottom end is mint maybe i could sell that on ebay.

Good, idea, but you'll be without a bike.

You then go to the shop, buy the new 06, and instantly lose 2 grand as you leave the door.

If you like your 450, fix it. Its the only was to not lose money.

If you want a new bike, the loss is worth it to you. Heck, I have lost tons of money on new bikes.

I just bought a rmz450, ive always had yamahas (125,250,400,426,450) but after riding the rmz450 I dont think I will go back, its not nearly as heavy as the yamahas and it handles a whole lot better for me.

You should part it and sell me the carb. U will for sure get more than 1500 parting it.

$1,500 ....well atleast $500 for the wheels and $500 for the forks $300 for the shock $100 for the plastic $100 for the brakes. It will be cake to get only $1,500 out of it

like i said i haved alot of aftermarket parts on the bike

How about a little advance listing of all those aftermarket parts you have for your pals on TT who have pointed you in the right direction. :banghead:

-tag bars and triple tree

-galfer rotors

-WC radiator braces and guards

-black pro wheel(rear only)

-4 twin air filters

-extra hifiltro oil filters

-fastway footpegs

-arc folding levers

-gyrt frame guards

-i have a new crank, piston and rings, cylinder, cam shafts

I will still considering fixing the bike when i come accross some extra cash, which wont be anytime soon because i just broke my leg in a race last week on the rmz after some kid ran into me in the second corner, but I think i might just part it outl to get some quick cash, its a hard choice because the bike is absolutley mint, new linkage, pro-action suspension, new clutch with 2 hours on it, all new cables, radiators arent banged up, this is a hard one guys

I forgot to mention all i need is either a new head or to see if a shop can repair mine, plus all new valves because 2 of them were bent and i wouldnt want to take a chance with the others, does anyone know around how much this would cost?

It sounds like your $400 from having all the parts to put the bike back together and not lose the $1500 difference between selling pieces on ebay or selling a whole bike that sounds like it's got pretty nice parts on it...

Do you think I can get the head repaired plus all 5 valves for around $400? I was going to call eric gorr and engine dynamics tommarow to see if they can do the work. It just seems like the vavles are pretty expensive

I called eric yesterday and HE said it would be around $500 to fix the head and install all new valves, Im also going to have him take my old crank rod and put it on the crank setup i had in the bike when it grenaded($50), he said it wouldnt be a good idea to use a crank thats been through that stress. Not sure what im going to do with the bike once its running, might end up keeping it for a practice bike and race the rmz.

Sell it for $3000 like you mentioned before, a lot better than parting it out for $1500 and that will generate the extra cash that you said you needed. Unless you are a serious pro you have no need for an extra bike especially one that will be different than your "A" bike. Just IMO hope the leg heals fast. :banghead:

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