What to maintain?

I'm planning on doing some maintenance on my '04 WR450 in the next few weeks. I'll probably do some riding this winter but it will be pretty minimal. So I figure in the downtime, I should do some work on the blue dragon to keep her in tip-top shape.

I bought the bike new in Feb '04 and have changed the oil about every 2-3 rides. I only ride once or twice a month and the bike has a little over 500 miles on it now. I'm a pretty mellow rider so I don't think that anything on the bike is terribly worn. Besides changing the oil, I've tightened the spokes...and that's about it for regular maintenance.

I'm planning on doing the following:

New spark plug

Lube the rear suspension linkage

Lube the front and rear hubs

Lube the neck

Change the coolant

Rejet the carb (maybe...I'm not sure I want to delve into this as I don't want to spend lots of time fine tuning it or screw anything up...the stock jetting works ok except for a little hesitation off idle)

Any tips on tackling all these projects? I figure I can do it over a couple of weekends and I'm not in any hurry.

Is there anything else I should plan on doing? Should I do a valve adjustment? Is that even something a mildly technical person should do on a bike or should I take it to a mechanic for that sort of thing? :banghead:

check your valve clearance if you dont have done it yet. I checked mine at that milage. exhaust was ok but all 3 intake valve was out of specs. (to tight)

Thanks for the tip. Was it pretty easy to do? I adjusted car valves in my high school auto shop class about 10 years ago and haven't done anything like that since then.

Or is that something better left to a professional?

I haven't tried on the WR, but I know I messed it up on a Husqvarna before and that cost a few $$ to fix. But, I'm not even close to being a mechanic, so there's probably a bunch of guys here who will say it's not too tricky. I'm just gun-shy now.

Check the valves for sure. http://www.thumperfaq.com/valves.htm

If they're out of spec then save the pain of a rebuild and reshim. If they're in spec then you just learned something new. Its not hard to do, just take your time and read the manual and that link I posted.

Greasing the linkage is a good thing for sure. Rplace any bearings that look suspect and your bike will feel nice and tight again. Check the throttle cables and replace if necessary. Change the brake fluid also. Do it all over a couple of weekends and you'll have yourself a fresh machine again.

I recently re-greased the swingarm and linkage on my 05 WR 450... it was pretty easy, just take your time. You can check what I had to say on the post : No grease , tell me its not true...

I also did the JD jet kit and Zip-ty fuel screw last night. Also fairly easy, but there are a few things to watch for if you decide to remove the sub-frame like I did. A friend really helps here. Once the sub-frame was off, the carb came out to the left side with all cables still attached..... just enough to do the needle and jet. I may be biased in saying it is easy, as I have rebuilt car engines, transmissions and carbs in the past.


I assume your cleaning your airfilter regulary. How about fork oil? Have you changed that at all. How's the wheel bearings, any play?

I assume your cleaning your airfilter regulary. How about fork oil? Have you changed that at all. How's the wheel bearings, any play?

I sort of clean my air filter...I've never figured out how to get the foam off of the plastic frame without either tearing the foam or breaking the plastic frame it's wrapped around. So, I just wipe down the airbox and filter to get as much crud off as I can. Maybe I'll just buy a new filter that actually comes apart cause I don't think the stock one is meant to (or there's some trick that I haven't figured out yet).

I've never changed the fork oil. I didn't know that's something that should be done regularly. I'll put that on the list too.

The wheel bearings have never felt like there's any play. I check the front and rear every time I change the oil and there's never any slop.

Thanks for the valve and swingarm links guys! :banghead:

Is It True Yamaha Recommends A Rebuild After 10 Hrs Of Operation?

I think your thinking of Honda. They reccomend to service the motor on their 250F's every 10hrs of competion use. The Yamies will run forever with the proper maintenence routine.

Does Anyone Have A "proper Maintinence Routine". I Dont Have An Owners Manual For Mine. The Guy I Bought It From Said He "lost" It.

Buy the manual, it'll be the best money you spend on the bike, period!...SC

Change the oil often (10hrs max I'd say) and make sure the air filter is always clean. If you ride on dusty conditions you'll need to clean more often. Check the valves every 100hrs or so and if they're getting close to their limit then check more often. Grease the linkages, service the forks/shocks and flush the brakes yearly. You'll have a happy trouble-free bike if you keep up on the maintenence.

Did you do the free mods on your WR yet?

no i heard of this though. do you have a link?

do a search on 2005 wr450 mods list. Mousemeat had a great list with links. I had no trouble doing my mods following his list.

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