Wr 400/426

What would be a good price to buy a 2001-2003 WR 400/426

I'll sell you mine for $3250 :banghead:

Sorry but, I am not ready to buy yet, I just need a price range. Thanx

Try kbb.com or edmunds.com as places to get blueblook type numbers

I was just kidding anyway! I've been tempted by all the new shiny bikes but can't justify spending $6000+ for a new bike when my works perfectly for me. I've never had a mechanical issue or been stranded. :applause:

I got a real good deal on mine used.

It was perfectly maintained mechanically by my buddy and in near perfect cosmetic condition. I paid $3000 but got a smoking deal because of the bikes condition. Some bikes sit and some bikes get ridden hard and are poorly maintained.You just never know what your going to get buying used.

I find that blue book values don't mean s**t in the real work when it comes to dirtbikes. I have always paid over blue book, but it may be different in your area. In AZ we ride all year (even in the summer heat :lol:), don't have much water and bikes tend to last a long time. There is a good demand for used (used = less expensive) bikes here so the demand keeps the prices higher than blue book values.

They could range anywhere from $1500 to $4000.

There are alot of variables. Do your homework and don't get all excited when you find a bike you like. There will always be another deal down the road. Walk away from a deal if you have any hesitation. Never pay what they are asking :lol: unless it has everything you want and it's exactly what you are looking for (even then you shouldn't pay the asking price). I searched for 6 months (with cash in hand) before finding my bike. :banghead:

Good luck.

I have my 99' 400 for sale in Washington State and the market here sucks for sellers right now. I have all of the bolt on goodies you would want, it was maintained meticulously and I can't even get a phone call when advertised for $2,500

Cycletrader online also has a price checker that allows you to check prices by region.

Good luck :banghead:

i will sell you my 98 WR 400 for $2500.00 you pay shipping

I just paid $3400 for a near mint 01 WR426 abot 3 months ago. Still on its original tires (near new), Q-pipe, Dr D hot start and original owner.

thanx guys for your answers and advice.

I must have gotten the best deal in the world. I paid $1995 for my 01 426.

I would suggest you look in places no one else thinks of for dirt bikes. I got mine from a HarleyDavidson dealership in January. I bought mine in winter so I saved also because it was a buyers market.

Any shop you go to will be more willing to deal in the winter on anything other than a 4 wheeler because they are slower and more hungry for a sale.

Good luck, Eric

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