essentials for tool kit?

:D A couple of beers is standard equipment on some of our rides! Also bring the "Mini Leatherman", but we re-use the roaches! :D:D:)

I am packing a tool kit for a long desert ride.(100+ miles a day for three days.)I need to be prepared to fix a flat. I have a spare tube for the front(it can be used in the rear for an emergency).

My problem is, the 27mm wrench for the rear axle is 14" long and will not fit in my fanny pack or fender bag. I was thinking about cutting it down, but I'm concerned about leverage.

Any ideas??

Up front in moose fender bag: 2 tire irons, 1 21 inch tube, small mtn. bike tire pump, 20' homemade towstrap. In back in moose folder pack: Copy of license, registration,insurance card and at least 20$, also 1 each 8mm,10mm,12mm snapon combo wrenches, 1 small modified 10" crecent wrench to fit both front and rear wheel nuts and other uses I also wrap about 5 feet of duct tape around this wrench. Needle nose vice grips, mult allen wrench, combo screwdriver, also safety wire, tiewraps a spare clutch perch and lever and brake lever also a few common bolts and nuts. If a long ride I bring lighter, lite sticks, mini mag light ,toletpaper, ink pen and 18" tube.

How are you guys changing and/or patching your tubes? My normal tire irons are are pretty big and its a major pain in the a** to get the tire off and on. what is the trick here? Are you just packing the big tire irons or is there some trick I dont know about?

Changing a tube on the trail isnt such a big deal but if you're in a race situation you're better off getting the Bridgestone "Extra Heavy-Duty" tubes and running "Slime" in them. I don't carry tire irons anymore with this combo. After thousands of miles I've yet to get a flat. They do weigh more that a thin tube but I think it's good insurance. my .02

Carry a small can of seal n air, located at your local pep boys. And my trusty AAA card! When the going gets tuff! :)

1 small modified 10" crecent wrench to fit both front and rear wheel nuts and other uses

What do you mean by "modified"? Did you cut it??

YO !!!!!

You forgot the inflatable doll ! Can't leave home without my bit*h ! :D Slime can assist if she gets a flat.

Moose has yet to develop the heavy duty version. I hear its due in 2003. :)



You can cut your 27mm wrench (box end) down to fit in your pack. Just use your boot for added leverage. You can do the same with a 22mm for the front axle as well. Better yet, weld these two pieces together and now you have a single tool that will do two jobs.

If you don't want to fool with all this, get a 22mm x 27mm “Rider Wrench” from Fredette Racing. It’s about 6 inches long and about 1/8" thick. You can get them through Fredette Racing, Baja Designs, MSR or other online dealers for around $17. A little pricey, but the size and weight are hard to beat.

Scott H- that was exactly what I was looking for!! I just ordered the 22mm-27mm Riders Wrench for FRP.



Glad to help. Say hello to sixth street for me and hook em horns!

How did you get this puppy to let you post as "Anonymous" when I don't sign in it tells me I can't start a thread....Interesting....

Bonzai :)


Check the initial date on the post. Did the boad allow anonymous , unregistered posts back then ? Just a thought.

Bill :)


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