supermotard wheels

Hi Everyone, I've just discover this Forum and spend a lot of time on it. I have a KLX 400 04 with a wosh full system jet and air filter. Now I'm looking to got to the dark side (like you guys called it) so I'd like to know what kind of wheels will fit on my bike. I've been looking for those for a while and I dont think I cant afford a set of new so I'm looking for used one. Will those from a crf450 or yz450 fit???

Which one will be the easyest to put on my bike


If you can afford it just save yourself grief and get some prebuilt for a DRZ from EastCoastWheels, White Brothers, Motostrano or another big supplier. Talon hubs and Excel rims are the popular choice. I am running BEHR rims like an OEM KTM would have.

Used stuff for a KTM, YZ or CRF could be made to work but you need a machinist handy to help you with wheel spacers and spacing the rear rotor / sprocket etc. kind of a pain...... KTM wheels I think is the one choice that we have seen done a few times on the DRZ.

Check the classifieds here on TT. I have seen a couple sets lately. Good luck. :banghead::applause:

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