Draining the carburator on YZ450

First apologies if this is a repost. I did a search but can't find any post that actually says how to do this..

I have also looked in the manual and either I am not reading it correctly or it is just kind of hidden amongst the other information there.

I want to be able to loosen a screw and drain the carburator on my YZ450 without removing the carby or anything drastic like that..

As there are lots of adjustment screws etc. I want to make sure I get the correct one..

Can anybody explain clearly or with pictures how I can drain the carby without removing it?

Not sure if the 450 is the same, but on my 426 there is an allen head bolt on the side of the float bowl right at the bottom.. I just back it off a turn and the fuel drains out a gas line at the bottom of the bike. Make sure you shut your fuel off or you will be waiting a while for it to drain :banghead:

There is also a big plug on the bottom, it takes a 17 mm wrench. That drains the fuel quick! But, that's on a 426. I'm not sure about those new-fangled 450's. :banghead:

The 450 is the same in both respects, at least, my '03 is.

Thanks guys..

Sorry for being dumb but this will save me opening the wrong screw... :banghead:

Use a 17mm box end wrench- discover the location of the 17mm bolt at the bottom of the float bowl on the carb., loosen, let drain, then tighten.

Voila! Your carb is drained.

For future reference if you don't use an inexpensive inline fuel filter between the tank and fuel inlet on the carb (everyone should for cheap insurance), you can check the cleanliness of the fuel you run by completely removing this 17mm bolt. By doing this you'll discover the bolts recessed area also catches SOME of the chunky stuff in your fuel as the aggregate, dirt, and sediment falls out of suspension.

My fuel is not


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