Glide plate with water tank & toolbox?

Do any of you guys know where can I find glide plate with watertank and toolbox for my WR450F coming soon? I know YMF is selling Dakar kit containing this stuff, but this kit is a bit overpriced (14000 Euro) :banghead:

if you are talking about a bash plate then i have no idea why you would want your water and tools under your frame............

That's a pretty specialized item. Don't imagine there are more than a couple companies making it. The huge gas tank would be great for touring. But for that price, I'd go with a regular skid plate and get a camelbak for the water and tools.


Pablo - You're going to probably only find that in Europe or Australia. There's not much, if any, of those type plates here. Rally racing just isn't a coomon thing over here.

FYI other guys, Pablo is not asking about something totally out of the norm for being over there. We don't see much of that kinda stuff here. In some events they are required to carry X amount of water not on their body and tools too so it's common that riders find anyplace possible on their bike to store things, like the plate.

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