Precision Concepts Question

I am going to take my 00XR650R in for suspension upgrades and I have decided on Precision Concepts. Is there any difference between the Temecula shop or El Cajon shop? Better mechanics, people, service? I live in between them both so it doesn't matter which one I go to.

Bob Bell works at the Temecula shop but I doubt if he would be doing your work anyway.

I take everything to the Temecula store. I've had some issues with with the El Cajon shop. I won't deal with them.

I always take my suspension up the the Temecula shop, but friends have never had any problems with the El Cajon location. I know that when I took my forks up last time, Bob had recently had eye surgery and wasn't doing any of the work himself. But that was a little over a month ago, so he may be doing it now.

mjlang, just out of curiousity, what happened to you when you took your suspension to the El Cajon shop?

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