Welding question

I have a stripped head on the Allen bolt holding the header on.

I would like to weld a nut to the head of it to remove the bolt.

should I disconnect the cdi ?

Is there anything else I should disconnect?

I don't want to burn anything electrical.

Has ayone else welded on their WR ? How did you go about it?

I've welded on mine and all I did was remove the gas tank...SC

Should be fine, just make the ground right next to the area to be welded! But if the tank is removed, go ahead and unplug tyhe CDI. I know a guy who had a Rickman 125, crank nut was stripped, CDI unit was under the flywheel them and he welded it, never woukld start afterwards, no spark.

I just welded my SUB mount tower on this morning. I attached the ground clamp right to the tower itself and welded my happy little butt off. Two of the cutest little tack welds you've ever seen :banghead: ...SC

for the 5min it's going to take to unplug a few connectors, is it worth the risk?

If you are using a tig with HF start definately disconnect everything!

Disconnect your battery for sure (if you have one) :banghead:

Well, I've done it twice and I've had no issues, but I am a firm believer in "better safe than sorry." Sometimes I also like to roll the dice and see what happens...I'm silly like that :banghead: ...SC

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