I need some new tires for my 1998 xr 650 l. Im not sure exactly what fits it.....I would like a good 50/50 or maybe even dot knobby. How do i know what size fits? Will any 21 inch tire fit the front? Or does it have to be like a 90/80-21?



Hey Joe,

I have an XR650R and I have had real good luck with the Dunlop D 606's.

These are the same tires that have won the Baja several times under the Team Honda bikes. They are DOT legal, and handle the desert fine.

I put 1800mi on my current one riding about 60/40 dirt/street

good lasting tires

that big ass knobby has lasted 800 miles on the street? how much of the original tread is left? i was more lookin for a front tire also.


Just a couple of weeks ago you were whining about people running 50/50 tire. You said something like "I couldn't go in the dirt with that." Now you are looking for a 50/50 tire?

Someone once said to me that difference between a man and a boy is not being right or wrong, but being consistent. Once again, you seem to be just a boy....

ummmmm.....i do not beleive i said such a thing seams how i run a 50/50 in the rear and a bald mx in the front. i think u need to work on that memory.

I have d606 on the rear of my 650l. I have got 1000 miles outta it so far. Duration of your tire depends on how hard you ride. If your rip up the pavement while your on it your tire wont last long. It all depends on you!

! couldnt go off road with them things.....

I guess with ~700 BS posts it is hard to remember what you say.....

could i have possably been talking about a slick? i seriously doubt i was talkin about a 50/50. im pretty sure it was a 90/10 street/dirt.

Easy now folks, go gentle...mgb

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