pro circuit t4 questions

I have a brand new xr600r that i want to uncork and was wondering if the pro circuit t4 is a great slip on that will give me max power without being too loud. Is there another slip on that will give me better power? I am looking for something that I don't have to repack after 3 weeks of riding and that gives max power without being obnoxious. Is the yoshimura better? Any and all input would be greatly appreciated

it is brand new because it has only 25 original miles on it and the year is 2000. Sorry for the confucion

anyone? Someone has to know about this. I'm dyin over here

BillG, there is no such thing as a "brand new" XR600R. Do you mean 650R my friend? I've got a complete T-4 system on mine and it's loud and it rips

i have the T4 slip-on on my 450r and its loud as all hell and gave me quite a power gain!!!

Hey Deltonx,

There is such a thing as a brand new 2000 xr600r. If you read my second post I said it has 25 miles on it with the original tires. I would say that its brand new. Please read before you get a hard on. Thanks everone else with your reply's

the T4 is supposedly a very good power producer, I dont have one, but have never heard any negatives about it ... I understood how you could have a brand-new 2000 600R, but I read it real fast, anyway, hoping for the hard-on ( Im 54, and cant afford Viagra ) :applause::banghead:

i have a T4 right now. it's too loud.

i raced and did just fine for two years with the stock exhaust and hrc tip.

i just had to have a T4 and one came along and i snatched it up.

the exhaust is just too loud. i can't wait to get rid of the thing.

don't ask to buy it either. i'm going to bury it in the desert with the rest of the dinosaurs.

I run the Supertrapp IDS2 Quiet Core, very well-built, a power gain I can feel, and one of the lower-priced pipes out there, if thats any help

Quiet = more riding areas . Loud = more complaints & less riding ares . I rather ride all day with 1 less pony than to whine there is no place to ride anymore.

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