WR450 Lowering Link. Need Opinions.

I'm thinking about trying one of those single point lowering links that also soften the suspension. My question is, how soft is it? Do you only bottom out on real big jumps, or would I have to be carefull not to "G" out on a high speed fire road, etc.?

I don't race MX. Ride mostly tight single track and fire roads. Weigh 215lbs.

Do you guys who have bought them feel they're worth the $200?


If you ride tight single track and fire roads it's great. I only bottomed out a couple of times and it added to my confidence. Next time instead of the link I will just send it to a suspension guy to have it lowered and suited for my riding style. It's more spendy but it is worth the money. :banghead:

Thanks Drewpeacock. Thats one vote for spend the money on suspension mod instead. Anyone else?

I'm no joe pro balls to the walls rider but I think the suspension work was the best money I spent on my bike so far. You'll know what I mean when you get the work done. Good luck, Brock.

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