FMF Powerbomb/Q2 for 650R pictures anyone?

Does anyone have pictures of this system on their bike? Pics of the the whole system would be awesome but especially the front section showing where the Powerbomb header sits on the engine. I'm building a custom XR650R based quad and I am going for the lowest sound output but I need to see where it sits so I can see if it will work with the chassis I am having built.

Thanks! :banghead:

Someone must have a pic of at least the front powerbomb header don't they?

Pretty please? :applause::banghead:

Thanks Impala, I've seen pics of that setup but its the powerbomb I would most like to see. Especially with a Q2 silencer and the sidecover off so I could get an idea onthe bends...

Appreciate your help though! :banghead:


I am considering the same system and would like some feedback from anyone that has used this exact set-up.

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