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99 YZ400 Carb Getting Agrivating

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Allright guys first of all the engine is in my 03 400ex. Bike is piped, no airbox and a k&n filter. Bike is perfect every where in power range except for the good ol off idle bog. I've Cleaned the carb atleast 5 times. Been playing with the fuel screw in every position possible and i've done the taffy mod to limit how much feul the acc. pump squirts. Well i was just working with it some more changing pilots needle settings and just decided to try something. I had one hand on the linkange for the acc. pump and one hand on the throttle. Nailed them both at the same time and it reved to the moon. Reason i tried this was becuase i noticed the rod for the acc. pump goes down kinda slow when i nail the throttle. Is there some way to make the acc. pump go wide open faster?

I hope this makes sense and maybe theres a cure that i havn't found but i have spent countless hours searching these forums for the answer.



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