Fork height in triple clamp / Pinch bolt torque?

Two unrelated questions that hopefully someone can answer. I didn't find either in search, but I could barely look because I'm running on a dialup at 26.4 presently :banghead: . Anywho,

1. Anyone have any recommendations for how high to run the forks in the top TC for an XR650r? I use the bike for high speed desert riding and DS'ing, so I figured I'd just run at stock height, but I'm sure at least one person has tested different heights here.

2. For the guys out there that use torque wrenches, what do you usually torque your upper and lower pinch bolts at on the XR650r forks? I switched over to a BRP upper and lower TC a while back and when I torqued to the 32 N*m low / 27 N*m high for the stock TC, I got some binding. Last time I just did it by feel after that, but I'd like to get some good numbers this time.


24 foot pounds for the bolts.

5mm above the triple clamp.

I agree with BWB on the 5mm hight. Infact I set my suspension using the instructions from his web site. :banghead: Works great for all the riding I do which includes everything from single track to fire roads with some DS thrown in as well.

Wow, well, I guess I'll try again, as 24ft*lb is the same as the 32 N*m I was using. Maybe the anti-seize on the bolts was throwing the value off? :banghead:

I'll try 5mm above the clamps. Thanks. :applause:

I do not torque mine to the 24 foot pound the book calls for. I set the at more like 32 foot pounds. Not the best idea but, it works for me.

:banghead: Wow, and you don't get any binding?

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