WANTED: Dual Sport Kit

Need to get dual sport kit by summer. Would prefer to buy used but will listen to any suggestions/recomendations.

Thanks for any help

Hey...go to www.bajadesigns.com They seem to have great quality stuff for pretty reasonable prices.



There was a member from Port Huron Mi. that had a Baja Designs kit he was not using last year. I can check for his name when I'm at work if you interested.

Might have been Roy Hartman?????????

I used a Baja Designs kit on my WR426. Not a problem yet. I had a few questions after the install. All I did was give them a call and they were more than happy to answer all the questions I had.


I still have my BD kit, never installed. The kit is complete except for the rear brakelight switch & turnsignals(I didn't order them).

I found that I didn't need the whole kit in Michigan, so I didn't use it.

Let me know if you are interested in buying my kit.


810-985-8903 phone


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