Hot Cams Installed

Did anyone notice a distinctive tapping noise after installation in a 2005 WR450 i checked all the valves and they were in check so i am just seeing if anyone else has had this problem with there hot cams being noisier?

The may be in check but still a little loose....... Any change in performance, good or bad?

oooooooh...... I just realize that you have a CRF. I heard those require a lot motor maintenance, (frequent top ends, alot of valve adj, etc....). Is this true?

My CRF has had no Valve problems yet and i have owned it since december of 2004. I am a local racer i race in the Intermediate so i am riding it way hard and i have no problems yet.

Well the WR450 is a Friends so do you think that i should worry about the tapping on it?


I have heard that before. I have also heard that since the Hotcams lobes ramp up and drop off quicker, it's normal to hear this. While the valve may stay opened longer (Duration), the quicker open and close is probably what you are hearing.

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