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DRZ-SM or 'Burg 650e

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So here’s the $6,000 to $13,000 CAD question…

As a second bike (I own a 12GS for my trips, passenger accommodations, camping trips) I’ve been looking for a sport bike/super moto to fill the sport bike void while keeping the insurance realistic.

The choices are the DRZ400SM and the Husaberg 650e. I mean no disservice to anyone who owns a ‘burg by comparing the two because I’m not. This isn’t a DRZ v 650e post because it’s fairly obvious which would win.

What I’m looking for is some specific info regarding both models on things that a search has not revealed or answered well enough for my purposes.

Specifically, the DRZ, since I can’t get a demo ride anywhere;

1. Is the hp enough for guys used to sport bikes with 100 hp? My last track day bike was a CBR600RR and while I don’t expect it to come close I’m curious if you guys/gals find it still fun enough to ride with the stock power plant or @ best the 1st stage of tune.

2. Have you used it @ the track and found it good enough not to go to something like a ‘burg for the extra hp/performance.

3. Excluding the hp hop-up do you find the spec of the stock DRZ components, specifically the suspension and rims, up to snuff that it does not require you changing anything?

Related to the ‘burg, I’m looking at a ’05 street legal 650e brand new. I’ve read of the increased reliability. The intensive maintenance of this bike does not dissuade me in any way. What I’m looking for is where you use it and information beyond basic maintenance issues.

1. Are you 650e owners only using it on the track only or are you using it on the street? I’d do probably 3-4 trackdays but it would be my alternative ride on the weekends. Probably a weekly ride of about 300 km with maintenance on a bi-weekly basis. No super slab but about a 40 min to 1 hour ride on back roads to the twisties.

2. Have any of you needed to rebuild your ‘burg? If so, why? Expense? Frequency? Time factor and ease of rebuild?

3. Price of the parts? I’m wondering what is the most expensive?

4. Time to delivery of parts. The dealer says about a week or two. What do you say?

5. Any additional info is appreciated.

I’ll be honest the Husaberg is #1 in my books. After the demo I cannot think of a bike that has been this fun in years. The 950, ZX10R, R12GS, 640 ADV all rock IMO but this was raw and uninhibited. I felt I was getting away with something. Once I saw the insurance rates on the DRZ and 650e I know I will be. I’m willing to treat it like owning a 2 stroke in that it is maintenance intensive but will be a hell of a ride, like the RD/RZ series of old. But if the DRZ is remotely close in terms of fun factor with reasonable mods, say a hop-up kit to 50 hp, then that might be the more logical conclusion given lesser expense, greater dealer back up, and enhanced reliability. Thx for your time.

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If money is tight go for the DRZ. It's not lightning fast on the straights but in the twisties, the city or on the track it will be loads of fun. There's even rear pegs for a passenger. Cheap and numerous upgrades are readily available that can add a few hp to the game. The maintenance regiment is not so intensive as an 'exotic' bike.

If you have some extra money in the kitty then go for the Husaberg. This bike will provide an endless source of grins & giggles and requires nothing in the way of upgrades. No rear pegs for any passengers. The extra maintenance and TLC often discussed is primarily just regular oil changes and semi-regular valve checks. I ride my FS650 to work almost every day and around town in SF but rarely on the freeway. I think I have some 2000 miles on the clock without a hickup to report.

In summary the DRZ will be good fun, the Husaberg will be a big blast!

PS: Make sure you have the wherewithall to lockup/secure your bike at every opportunity or it will get nicked in short order.

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