Softer seat for WR450

Who makes a taller and softer seat for a 05 WR450? Ceet used to be in San Diego, not sure anymore.



Guts Racing ...SC

A softer seat would be great on my WR or YZ. The problem is I can just get one foot on the ground as it is with a stock seat! Add a couple of inches and I'll have to ride side saddle.

Thanks Clark!

I thought my 97 ATK had a hard seat, Then I traded for a new 05 WR 450. Now I truly understand what a hard seat is. I understand that Travelcade makes a gel pack that can be cut into the exhisting seat? Haven't tried it yet, but probably will.

I ride a lot of kilometers over here in Cambodia... often 3000klm a month or more. I have found over the long haul that a firmer seat makes me less sore than a more cushy one. I put 200,000klm on my 98' XR400r over 3+ years. Seat was OK, but not as supportive as my 04' WR450. Long distance i ride a consistant 10/20 routine. 10klm standing, 20 klm sitting. No monkeybutt. Superman underware help alot also. Moose makes good ones. So does EVS. They are like bicycle shorts with a padded crotch and butt area. They wick sweat and rain away and help combat chaffing. Baby powder is my best friend too, applied liberally to absorb sweat and reduce rashes in difficult places.

My friend here bought a fancy and expensive Corbin seat for his DRZ400. It was a joke. A very expensive joke. He ended up going to a place here in Phnom Penh that fabricates prosthetic limbs for mine victims. They took the Corbin seat base and copied it only better, made a new seat cover that doesn't absorb water and soak you butt over and over..... creative and cheap. Hope this helps

Dave in Paradise

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