What nice luck i have

Apparently the threading on the casing is stripped for the drain bolt. I hope i dont have to split the cases, what do i do to fix this nice problem of mine? I swear i dont know why they make these threads so weak when oil changes are at a constant.

Helicoil or Timesert. I've only used helicoils, but a lot of people will reccomend the Timesert. Be careful of metal shaving going in the cases if going to helicoil route.

If you're very careful you can load the drill bit and tap up with grease and very carefully insert a helicoil or timesert (sp?). The grease should catch most of the metal shavings. Then with the drain plug removed, pour some oil in to the case through the flywheel cover to try to rinse out any tidbits that may have gotten in there.

Then go and get yourself a torque wrench! The drain plugs do not go tight at all, sounds like you over tightened it.

Use the helicoils. I used those on mine when I stripped the threads. I was overtightening it

Funny you say that because i wont even touch that bolt without my torque wrench. Neither the one on the frame and i think that one is starting to give as well. Everything on my bike is starting to give and its only a year old. Just got done with putting 1500 into it, would hate to put even more especially when im about to get a 250F for racing. Also, GrayRacer, which one do i get? thanks for the link btw and thanks everyone for helping out.

The dealer told me it strips from casting flashing coming loose at the end of the threads. When removed the metal gets on the threads and when you put the bolt back in galls up. I use Timeserts at work all the time and they are way better than helicoils. We had a huge install tool though. I don't know if Timesert makes do-it-yourself kit or not.

Thanks, but which one do i get, im not too good with thread sizes.


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