o3wr450 GLOWING red hot exhaust

Hey guys I need some input. Bike sat for 1.5 yrs, cleaned carb, and tank just fixed keyway on rotor, started bike exhaust header turned red after 50 seconds, how could it run this lean?? will an open valve cause this, or is there some timing issue, don't know where to start. all oils and fluids new, :banghead::applause: Ken

Hmmm sounds liek your bike is rooted, best you get rid of it right away before it drops a valve and does some serious damage. I am willing to do you a favour and take it off your hands for you for $1500 :banghead:

I have a 05 and it did the same thing. After i took off the air pump it stoped.

Its normal for the head pipe to glow red hot when the bike is running and sitting still. When you get some air flowing across it, it won't do that. I had a WR that did it and my CRF does it too. No worries. :banghead:

They tend to run lean out of the crate;the header glowing a little bit is normal. Glowing BRIGHT cherry red is not normal showing a lean condition. If at high RPM and closed throttle and the engine backfires that is a sure sign of a lean condition.

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