carbs xr650r

just tried the fit a new tm40 to my bike and found that it is not a direct fit and the boots have to be changed :banghead: . i'm not into that, so now i'm going to order the edlebrock. is it a direct out of the box fit? i know i'll have to order jets, but are all other parts there and will it bolt up with no mods.


Yes, the Edelbrock is a direct fit out of the box. It's a complete bolt on kit that includes the carb, throttle cables, throttle tube, adjustment tool, extra needles, etc. The stock carb has a small tab on the front top that fits into a rubber fork on the top of the intake boot. The only thing you'll need to do with the Edelbrock is trim off that rubber fork with a razor blade and that's it. Installation is simple and it should fire up quickly as long as you have the idle turned up enough.

cool! thanx

i know i'll have to order jets,


No you won't. There aren't any jets to change in the Edelbrock, it is all adjusted via needle settings, and the kit comes with three different needles.

Say, that TM40, is it a pumper carb? It doesn't fit the intake manifold, or just the air boot? Any other clearance issues (tank, etc.)?

Can you use the stock throttle and cables with the Mikuni?

Has anybody else here fitted a Mikuni carb, and how so?

Reason I'm asking, I have a brand new Edelbrock kit that I could possibly be tempted to trade for a Mikuni, but I need to know more about fitment issues.


Has anybody else here fitted a Mikuni carb, and how so?

Search BWB's posts, he has gone in depth on these carbs in several different threads (IIRC anyway :banghead: ).

I would trade but i don't think you will want to deal with it. the carb is about 3/8" to small on the engine side and about 1/2" on the airbox side. plus it won't reach both boots its about 3/4" to short in body. if you ask me that will leave to many mods to seal and hope no dirt gets in. i've read all the fead back on them and there probably great (or even the better carb) but i think i will opt for simple.

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