help needed..

hi guy's to cut along story short i bought a wr450 thinking it would suit my type or riding :lol: but now the kids ride all the time also only at mx tracks :banghead: so what i need to do is make my wr into a yz :lol: because the wr i feel doesn't handle the mx side all that well.. :applause: can anyone help please..

re-state your question! it isn't clear.

put in a yz ex cam and re-valve the suspension for mx use.

Depends on how you ride it at the MX track. If you aren't racing it the WR should get around just fine. If you are wanting to race it you might look into stiffening up the suspension. Just like simon@vic said, a YZ cam and suspension mods would get you closer to a YZ.

What i'm tryin to do is trun my wr into a yz for the handling...

Put the slimer YZ fuel tank on it for a start. That will let you move around on the bike much more freely.

Suspension makes all the difference as well. That is something I am still playing with on my 426.

If i change the tank will i need to change the seat?

If what you really want is a YZ, try selling your WR. They do very well on the used market. Then buy yourself a nice YZ. Just a thought if MXing is all your going to do. Good luck.

Not sure about the seat change. Will try to find out for you asap.

Strip the bike of all it's lights, a rear YZ fender will save you a couple of pounds by itself, and replace the front head light with a YZ plate. Swap out the stock tank with a YZ tank (if you have an 03 or 04). Take the kickstand and mount off the bike and find a nice used YZ exhaust system for the track. As far as the engine goes, just leave the thing alone.. You could spend hundreds on a cam change and still be left with a gappy wannabe tranny for the track. I ride my bike on the track from time to time, it does fine until I ride my buddies YZ250F then my bike isn't fun anymore...

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