I'm going to buy, help out a brother

Hey everyone,

I think I'm picking up a 1995 XR6 that needs a few things and I thought I would ask some advise. I needs a right sidepanel, clutch cable and some rear wheel bearings. I was wondering who makes the best replacement plastics ( I'll propably get both sides so they match). I've read something about using different clutch perches or other lever/perch combos that help with mechanical advantage. Also what would you guys suggest that I look at closely on this bike. It has a Baja Designs kit, a Supertrapp slipon muffler, trail tech computer, gripper seat cover, bark busters and a few other items. Also how about some jetting recomendations for this combo at sea level up to 5000ft. I don't know if the air cleaner is stock or not or if the air box has been modified. If it hasn't been I plan on it. Also doing the header pipe weld cleanup mod.


www.denniskirk.com will have pretty much everything.

Take off the side cover and look at the air filter.look at the bottom of the frame,rust,deep gouges? Put the bike on a stand,spin the wheels,"wobbly"? Check the headset by grabbing the bottom of the fork tubes,slowly try and push/pull them,any play? Chain,sprockets? For replacement plastic stock Honda($$) or Acerbis($).

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