Supermoto/Street Legal

I've been thinking for about making my 650 street legal with the supermotard look. The only thing that worries me is that I will get bored of it after I have invested the time and money. The closest place I have even heard of racing supermoto is in Nashville so racing probably won't be a priority. If a race popped up close to Memphis I would do it. I saw the street hooligan kit on Motostrano for $1900. It came with 17" wheels w/ tires, oversized brake w/ caliper adapter and a few other things. Also like the Baja Designs Quick Release Kit in case I want to hit the dirt. So all together it would end up costing around $2500 plus getting the bike registered which shouldn't be a problem in TN. I know I could go cheaper with keeping the stock wheels but I really like the 17's. I would think I should be able to get some of my money back if I did get bored and decided to sell some the motard items. So how does everybody like the 650 motarded and street legal?

I'm building mine up right now and it is already a plated dualsport in CA. I sold my first motorcycle, which was a sportbike, to get this thing. I was worried about the same things, as in "I am dumping a lot of money into this thing, and I don't even really know if I'm gonna like it."

My rationalization is that this sport is just slowly starting to boom big. I don't ever plan on racing, but for commuting and some fun backroad runs it should be perfect. If for some reason I don't, SM parts are in huge demand right now because the market is in the crucial point of more and more people wanting to build them every day, but the manufacturers are just starting to produce things, so supply<demand, hugely.

The bottom line is that you can sell these parts, or the whole bike, for lots of $$$ very easily in the next few months.

I have my 17's on order and am currently experiencing the joy of East Coast Wheel's customer service, but I think it's gonna work great. The kits you are looking at are good, but you can find the individual parts cheaper if you look hard enough. A popular money saver is keeping your stock hubs and lacing 17's on them, which cuts several hundred bucks off the $1k+ price tag on a built wheelset.

Anyway sorry for the novel, there are a few other guys running SM'd 650's around that should have a more experienced answer. Good luck.

While I was building my two 'lipsticked' XR650R dual sport rigs, I had a ton of parts left over, and thought about buying a third bike and building it into a motard. However, when I sat down and calculated the total investment that I would have in the bike, it became apparent that I could just pick up a factory motard (Husky or KTM, for example) for substantially less.

Could be wrong, but the Supermoto fever seems awfully similar to the 50 craze a few years ago. Right now, you pay through the nose for SM parts because everyone wants to try it, and the DRZ 400SM is the only factory SM from the big four (KTM has stopped importing the 625SMC this year). But when more manufacturers offer factory SM's, and more SM parts start showing up on ebay from guys that tried it and didn't like it, all of the people with done up custom DS bikes will probably be out quite a bit of money.

Plus, why would you want to spend $6k on an XR650R + $2.5k on SM stuff when this will be somewhere in that price ballpark:

Aprilia SVX 450/550

I bought my 2000 XR650R used for $2000.

Rode it in the dirt for two seasons, then bought a Supermoto front end from Cannondale at $700, that's Ohlins USD fork, brake caliper/rotor, master cylinder and completet front wheel, spent another $150 for a CRF triple clamp on eBay, got some nice sticky front and rear tires for $200, put my XR on the race track with 18" rear wheel and street tread... it worked great.

Finally this year, I saved enough money for a $300 dual sport kit and a $450 for 17" rear wheel and tire on eBay...

Total cost for me:

$2000 XR

$700 front end,

$150 triple clamp

$200 tires

$300 dual sport kit

$450 rear wheel/rotor/tire

$4000 and I still have a set of dirt wheels/tires/rotors that I convert back and forth. the OEM front forks/wheel were sold for $300 on eBay.




You can do it on the cheap.. just keep looking and be patient.

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