Blowing fuses

I was riding today and about 15 minutes into the ride I blew a fuse, no biggie put in a new one and not but 2 minutes later it blew also, the second blew right after using the E-start.

Anyone else have this problem? Is a wire grounding out somewhere maybe? btw it was the fuse by the positive side of the battery.

Thanks in advance :banghead:

Starter motor may have some broken wires or internal connections causing excessive load on starting and blowing the fuse. Try kick starting it and running it for a while and see if it blows. Check for any loose wire connections to the motor and if it does not blow fuses using the kick starter then you need to rebuild the starter motor or replace it for about $200.00 :banghead:

Thanks, I'll give that a try. I think the bike is stillunder warranty, is this something that would be covered?

Take it in to the dealer quick! 30 day warranty will cover the labor! :banghead:

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