01 426..

Took my new to me ,01 426 out today for the first ride..What an awesome machine..! :banghead: Did the bk mod, and it started easily hot or cold, starting was not an issue.. :applause: Ran some singletrack and some jeep roads.. This bike will make me a better rider, I found it a lot less work than my cr 250..Ill check my plug color to make sure its burning clean...

I havent checked the valves yet, what would be a symptom of valves being out of spec..?

If the valves were out of spec, it would be hard to start it usually the first sign. Does your bike have the 03 cam mod yet? If not, do it soon, it's by far the best bang for your buck mod out there for a 426. The 426 is a great bike, you'll have a lot of fun with it. Enjoy the new bike, and welcome to the blue thumper crowd! :banghead:

I too am interested in these questions. Just got my 01 426 too. Love riding it, the difference between my 125 and this thing is, well, amazing. If I can't sort out the suspension properly I may drop back to a 250F...

You can Gold valve the suspension for $150-$200 each end. This would be be cheaper than switching bikes. When I buy a bike, I switch the fork and shock springs, wider pegs, proper seat, bars etc. As new bikes come on the market offering lighter weight and I look at the cost of a new bike, I figure in the mod-to-fit-me costs. This is why I don't often buy a new bike. Frankly, if you buy a new bike, it will have something that you don't like as well. No low end torque for example. Also, not to pick on the 250f guys because they are great bikes, but a 250f will be revving higher to keep up with the big bore guys. Constant high revs will mean more maintenance. I don't mind revving a 2 stroke, but I am a little shy about revving a 4 stroke out all day. Part of it is how big you physically are. I you are a big guy, the big bore 4 strokes are great. If they wear you out, you may have to go smaller. Either way, good luck to you.

I am 75kg's so the big bike does ware me out pretty quick. How ever the guy that owned it before me was 120kg's and I am finding that the suspension is way too stiff for my weight.

I'm not sure where to start adjusting the suspension.

This is a huge difference in rider weight. You can call too tech or race tech and get the proper springs for your weight and set the sag on the rear and it will make a world of difference. Your local motorcycle supply store also probably recommends springs. I sprung mind for my 220lbs (would this be like 100KG?) and put the clickers right in the middle. I ride rough, tight single trail. At first, it was a little stiff. As my speed on the bike increased, I feel more secure on the bike than on my old enduro (KDX 220). I can't stand a bike that sloshes around at high speed in the woods. If you stick with the big YZ and get used to the weight, you will adapt and it will grow on you. It was made for speed and violence (like me) and feels better and sharper the faster you go. It wants to turn like a motocrosser. If you want to start out with a comfortable, lighter bike ready to trail ride, well, that's what WR250s are for. Actually the newer WRs are electric start and may not be that much lighter but every little bit is noticeable. The worst is to put money into bike setup and then decide It's not what you need. Good luck to you either way.

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