XR 650R dyno test


Could this be because of the difference between DIN and SAE Horsepower???

perhaps.. but I can't find explanation of the differences...

on my dyno sheet I can find:

corr.fact. : SAE

little text I have found:

Power hp: horsepower ps: stands for Pferdestärke, equivalent to hp.

kW: kilowatt. 1kW = 1.34hp.

EU countries such as Germany prefer to use kW. There are different methods for measuring power, test conditions such as ambient temperature, air pressure and accessory loss could be different, thus the same engine could obtain different power rating by different methods. The most commonly used methods are:

EEC: European standard. Measure at 99kPa and 25°C. Rated in kW.

SAE: American standard. Measure at 99kPa and 25°C. Rated in hp. 1kW = 1.341hp (SAE).

DIN: German standard. Measure at 101.3kPa and 20°C. Rated in hp (ps). 1kW = 1.360hp (DIN).

JIS: Japanese standard. Theoretically same as DIN, but we always find it is actually smaller.

British horsepower: same as SAE. Rated in bhp (could be confused with brake horse power).

In other words, 300hp (SAE) = 300bhp (British) > 300hp (DIN) > 300ps (JIS) In AutoZine, generally speaking, horsepower of American, European and Japanese cars are rated by SAE, DIN and JIS respectively.

However, USA or Europe-targeted Japanese cars are rated by local standards.

another thing (i hope you'll understand me) the smoothness setting on the dyno software is only the level of the detail of the line (the line of the values) on the sheet.

the changing of the value of the smoothness don't change the values but only draw a smooth line..

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