Looking for a good tuner in N.E. Ohio

When it comes to bike mechanics I'm all thumbs. Sure I can do the basic stuff, but I'm just too nervous to tackle the trickier things.

I'm looking for a good place to take my 2001 426 this winter for a check-up.

The bike is getting impossible to start so I'm guessing that it needs a valve adjustment and the carburetor cleaned out.

My bike was modified by White Brothers and has all kinds of stuff on it. It has a Hot Cam mod also.

I'm afraid to take it to the local dealer, because they seem like a bunch of hackers to me.

Does anyone know a good tuner in N.E. Ohio that can work on my baby?

Have you looked into Andrews? I think they are in Canfield. I am from Youngstown and I know they used to sell Yamaha. Actually I think they sell almost every brand now. Fred Andrews is part or full owner of the shop. He is nationally ranked so I think the mechanics there would probably be top-notch. Matt

i live in cincinnati if you live anywere near their my buddy is a really good mechanic he does it to my bike every winter this will be his first for my new yz450f but he does in asome job

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