Aftermarket cams for Pitster

Will any aftermarket 12v cam work on the Pitster bikes? I know Crower Power makes one but it's quite pricey and there are tons of different cams available.

they are a little different than the early 12v cams and you can't get the high lift of the Crower G2 specs..... .218" is stock and the G2 is .257"'s as big as you can go with those springs....2 hp better @ 10,000 rpm and torque is better all the way through. crower

Is it just springs that restrict the lift, or springs in combination with other factors? 'cause if it's JUST springs, they're cheap enough to replace...

So is anyone else making cams for the late style 12v engines. I kind of thought with a 125cc engine you could run quite a bit more lift and duration and stiffer springs isn't a big deal. Thanks for the info.

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