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Ok I think I got this back fireing thing figured out, tell me if Im right or wrong. Went throught the archives and what not. My '01 WR426 back fires on decel. so what that means that my bike is running lean right? So I should turn my fuel screw out right? I know to turn it in all the way and count it, then turn it out. How big of incraments should I go at. 1/2 turn or what? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Louisville, Colorado

out is MORE fuel, just like you stated. half-turn increments is fine.


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You may want to turn the screw in and count how many turns it is. Then take it back out, plus one half turn. You should not go over three turns out(you could loose the screw).

If it goes out to three and you still have popping. Then you should consider going to the next size larger pilot jet.



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exactly like Bill said!

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