Even More Rekluse and Flywheel Weight Questions

My Rekluse should be in tomorrow afternoon. I can not wait to get it installed but I still have a a few questions. I have a 14 oz Zip-Ty Flywheel weight that I am already running. I understand the Rekluse adds approx 6 oz of weight to the flywheel also. Should I still run a total of 20 oz of weight? :banghead: Or should I remove the Zip-Ty and Start fresh with just the rekluse. I am a novice rider that rides 95% woods so I like the way the 14 oz feels and the way I didn't stall anymore but I am just afraid it may be to much of a good thing. If it matter I am also running a 14/52 gearing. Thanks for any and all input. :banghead:

I hope you will post your results. I run a YZ 426 in tight, nasty woods as well. It sure sounds like a lot of weight. Frankly, I adore the "hit" of the YZ and have added no flywheel weight because when I do hit a straight it is great to rocket away. I bump up my idle each day I ride and run the boysen accel cover. This prevents almost all stalls. I do know that I looked into flywheel weights for stalls a while ago and they said that if the idle circuit isn't right, more weight will make stalling worse. I also saw a Dirt Bike article about a Suzuki RMZ 450 with a recluse that was very stall sensitive. If it were me, I would not run that much weight. I do not speak from experience. Also, some of the weights are mostly on the perimeter, some are heavy evenly throughout the material. SO- maybe your weight would be fine. Good luck to you either way. Please post the results.

I don't know which bike beasleys has, but an '03 450 is a very different beast from an '02 426. Different as in transformed from a tractor to a dragster with very little flywheel weight.

I have a 01 426 for anyone if that will help with some info. :banghead:

I have a 450 husky with a flywheel weight.I got my rekluce used for a good price.Yes it did steal some of the hit.I'm thinking of adding more tungsten balls.Has any one tried this and if so, does it help.

I'm running a RevLoc on my '01 426 with 14/49 gearing and no flywheel weights. I couldn't ask for a better combo. I ride everything from tight technical trails to desert.

My suggestion would be to add the Rekluse and remove the flywheel weight and then decide if you need it. Stalling won't be an issue once you have the autoclutch. I haven't seen the article that Scotty426 referred to but if the bike is stalling with an autoclutch it would seem like that there are other problems - i.e. jetting. My bike never stalls.

Hope this helps.

Something else worth considering is that the clutch is spinning much more slowly than the crankshaft. Any amount of weight added to the clutch is going to have considerably less flywheel effect than an equal amount of weight added directly to the crankshaft.

Skip the weight at first to truly evaluate the Rekluse. I promise you wont go back!

I'm running a Rekluse and a 12 oz. flywheel weight on my 02 426 and it works awesome for me. My bike still has more that enough pick up and it's dang near impossible to get stuck. I'm also two teeth up on the rear sproket, but I'll return to the standard gearing the next time I switch the chain and sprokets as the lower gearing is not required since I installed the Rekluse. Of the three mods I made to make the bike better for tight trails--the gearing, flywheel weight and Rekluse--the Rekluse made the largest difference by far. You're going to love it!

I put a 10 oz wt on my '04, and the stalling issue went away. After I went to the Rekluse, I found the throttle response to be a little slow, and put the stock flywheel back on. I would like a little more snap, but love the rekluse....

it would be a slower smoother engagement which would probly work well where traction was a premium, upside. downside is its gonna feel like a slushbox even if you run some carbide balls. i run a +6 fw w/rekluse(3 carbides) on my 05 and find thats a good happy medium between power and traction. i'd take it off,set up the clutch and then decide if you need it,or maybe a smaller one :banghead:

Does anyone know of a way to eleminate the 2 stacked gaskets on the clutch cover due to the spacing of the rekluse :banghead: I know rekluse makes a clutch cover but not sure if it is deeper or not. My flywheel weight came with a nice billet spacer and you would think that for 500 dollars the rekluse would too. :banghead:

thier cover is deeper and eliminates the need to double gasket. it adds a bit of bling and maybe a little oil capacity(not sure on the oil :banghead: ) and i can definately vouch for it being stronger than stock :banghead:

It is billet. It is deeper and it holds more oil. The double gaskets are not a problem or if you like I happen to have 2 aluminum spacers (1 thick, 1 thin) that came from EFM.

EFM says they have the billet gaskets which are .375 thick. With their billet gasket it also requires a spacer for the rear brake bolt to move the pedel away from the cover.

The Rekluse double gaskets or their replacement clutch cover is .200 thick.

So.... the question is. Run the EFM billet gasket, add more oil and maybe with more oil it would run cooler?

The EFM route sounds to be a little cheaper. Where can I get one. Who are they distributed through? And approx how much would that set up run. I know the Rekluse cover is around 130.

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