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XR500 rubber mounted Bars?

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Does anyone know of a triple clamp that may interchange with the 1983 XR500r tope clamp that has rubber mounts?

I just got my free 83' XR500 running. Worked my ass off on it. It runs pretty good considering what it is and the exhaust that is on it. The pipe the thing has looks like an aluminum bat. Its the funkiest looking thing Ive ever seen on a bike. From the S bend up out to the exhaust exit, it has to be 30" long!

Anybody know where I can get a decent exhaust? Al Bakers XR's only lists a reverse cone meg, but I have a feeling it'll be loud as hell and I want to ride this bike on the street eventually.

Im already slightly deaf in the right ear from my old XL600 that I had a supertrapp on 20 years ago, and my CRF is pretty loud too.

Incidently, I rode the XR around the block a bit yesterday, then I threw a leg over the CRF450...these are two very different motorcycles :banghead:

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