freind cant decied on yamaha or honda

i have a 05 yz450f and he cant deiced if he wants to get a yamaha cause he ussaly rides honda but i have talked him into a yamaha what would you pick a yz250f or a crf250r tell me somehing on which bike is better.

Have him read all of the post he can on blue bikes and then ones on red bikes.

The dependability of blue ones cannot be doubted.

Tell him if he goes blue he can't go wrong!

that wat i told him blue better

It is really simple. 400cc for the crank and top end on the Honda vs the 1200cc for everything on the YZ.

Which one do you think last longer? I encourage you to read the CRF owners manuals. They are just 2 strokes with valves (that fail). With 2 piston rings, the owners manual states to REFILL the crankcase oil every 2 hours. Not top off, not check, not change, but refill cause it burns oil.

But the Red bikes are sexy to look at for sure.

sexier than this? NAHHHHHH!! :banghead:


sexier than this? NAHHHHHH!! :lol:


Them RED :banghead: 'S wish they could look that good! :banghead:

But the sad thig is, most are so die-hard, the ony blue thing they will ever have is their balls! :lol:

Them RED :banghead: 'S wish they could look that good! :banghead:

But the sad thig is, most are so die-hard, the ony blue thing they will ever have is their balls! :lol:

Hahahahahahaha........oh man.........even my girlfriend laughed at that

The Red guys have so lost thier minds on valve issues they go right to mods to whine about it.

I'd be mad too if every other paycheck went to fixing my blown up brand new bike. :banghead:

You're asking this question in the Yamaha Forum and wanting a serious answer? Good one..... Maybe if you were looking for a more rounded opinion you'd of posted this in the general section. The blue boys just love to hate the Honda's for some reason, maybe because there's so many of them on the track taking the trophies. Okay, I know, that's going to get me in trouble... :banghead: JUST JOKING BLUE BOYS SO TAKE A DEEP BREATH.... Post this same question in the Honda Forum and see what people say there. But seriously, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, whatever, I just ride the bike that works for me and don't really care what others have to say about it. It comes down to preference really. I'm not saying Honda is Better than Yamaha or getting into any of that worthless talk, just saying that your buddy should try out both bikes and decide from there which one "he likes" instead of depending on a forum full of so many opinions it will make your head spin. And just another opinion, one of mine, my ridding pal has a 05 YZF450 and for me the 05 CRF 450. Both have about the same amount of hours, mods, etc. and both have not had any problems yet. So they're both good bikes in my mind. :banghead:

Neither - buy a Suzuki or KTM or Kawasucki

i would recomend a honda 9 times out of 10. but this is the 1 time. i am yet to hear a good reliabillity story from a crf. many from yamahas. personally i wouldn't call them honda's cause they are unlike any previous model's. crf's seem to stop working quite offten. not like the good old xr's. ps i ride a suzi so this is about as un biased as your gonna get.

All I will say is go in the Yamaha forums and count how many people have had valve problems. Then go to the Honda forum and do the same thing. All I can say is that you will make up your mind based on what you find. Why do you think I am riding blue? I don't have an extra crapload of money sitting around, so I wanted something RELIABLE. Just my $.02.



I, too, bought my YZF because I did not have the extra cash to put down on a higher probability (historically speaking) of valve issues. I've got 40 hours on mine with zero issues. My buddy has twice as much time on his 03 YZ 250F with zero issues. My brother bought an 04 CRF and had to swap the valves at 15 hours. A good friend of mine has an 03 CRF and has had no issues. Do the research, buy the bike that makes you feel right.

I currently ride a crf450. Dont let anyone fool you, they do have valve issues sooner or later. I always figured it was lack of maintenance till it happened on mine (I am anal about my maintenanc). Between the valve kit, gaskets, machine work, & shims I had over $300 into the head.

The other pet peave on my bike is the rear spokes. I have to go thru and snug them up after just about every trail ride.

I miss the simpleness of my old cr250. Piston and rings each year during the winter and I was done with major maint.

What I do like is the fit/feel of the crf, the smooth power delivery, and the fit/finish of the bike.

I used to be a faithful honda rider, now I am considering other brands for my next bike.

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