HRC part numbers

I was wondering if you guys know the part numbers for the HRC valvetrain parts?

I've been considering swapping out the cam gear, cam chain, etc but the Dealership I went to said that honda doesn't make those as HRC parts :banghead:

Does this help :banghead:

Honda HRC Power Up Kit PN#: 06130-NLB-010

HRC part numbers in this kit...

13011-mbn-305 Rings

14520-nlb-003 Tensioner

13101-nlb-000 Piston

90088-mk4-600 bolt

99101-357-188 Main jet

99101-357-185 Main jet

99101-357-182 Main jet

99101-357-180 Main jet

99101-357-190 Main jet

16012-mbn-641 needle and seat

90041-nlb-000 rubber

31929-nlb-003 Plug

90602-mbn-670 circlip

14620-nlb-003 Guide

14511-nlb-000 Guide

14560-kcw-851 gasket

12191-mbn-670 gasket

12251-mbn-671 gasket

22401-nlb-000 springs

13111-mbn-670 wristpin

14321-nlb-000 gear

14312-nlb-000 gear

14000-nlb-000 cam


11394-mbn-670 side cover

061994-nlb-010 kit

00x32-nlb-000 manual

Does this help :lol:

14321-nlb-000 gear

14312-nlb-000 gear


I'm guessing those are the three parts I will need then :banghead:

You need the guide's to,beefer cam chain, need beefer guide's,I think :banghead:

Once you price it all out, you may be :banghead:

cam chain tensioner is different also.

Dan V.

The best place to look is as they have the best prices, and FULL microfische for these bikes. It takes some fandangling to get your part numbers and pricing, but once you get the hang of it, its pretty good. When I rebuilt my BRP this summer, I saved over $100 from service honda on parts alone. It may take a bit longer to get the parts then a local dealer, but IMO the wait is worth the savings in price.

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